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Customer Care

Thank you for your interest in my products.

Everything here is made by just one person: me, Maria Queiroga.

I am the creator, the artist, the marketing person, the salesperson, the content creator and the customer service representative.

So, whatever you need, I will provide it. This is very good, as I have direct contact with my customers. But it is also a lot of work for one person. So, I prefer to be sincere and establish a strong communication channel and a trusting relationship with my clients.

I am open to answer questions, to receive inquires, to make possible other forms of payment and also to hear feedbacks.

Follow me on Instagram to keep this communication channel with me (@mariaqueiroga)

Also, my e-mail address is for questions and feedbacks.


Thank you.

Refund and



Our products are 100% handmade, made and painted, by an artist, one by one. Because of this, they are all unique, and do not follow mass production standards, such as molds, prints and reproduction in any way. Handmade products take more time, more dedication and may have minor flaws, characteristics of manual production.

We value the quality of the products but we do not have a quality standard as it would be impossible to impose a standard for products that are made by hand.

Therefore, in case of need for an exchange, the reason for the exchange will be individually assessed in order to agree with the client fairly for both him and the artist.

We are not responsible for damage caused by the delivery or withdrawal of products. The products do not come with an instruction manual and it is up to the customer to decide the best use for this, using their common sense. Therefore, products that are damaged by misuse or exposure to material degrading factors will not be exchanged and / or replaced.

In case of need for exchange please contact us by e-mail describing the reason in detail, we will evaluate each case particularly and answer (



Shipping is one of the most sensitive things in my business. Sending works of art is no easy task. Proper packaging is required for each material, protection and confidence in the chosen shipping service.

For this reason, the shipping cost can be high, but it is the necessary guarantee for the piece to arrive safely to the customer.

Free pickup is available for all products. The pickup locations is Milton - On (full address by contact:

In case of larger pieces, shipping will be limited to Ontario regions where I can personally deliver. In these specific cases, the cost and shipping time will be defined particularly with each customer.


Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards

Offline Payments (for e-transfer please contact