“Mediocre marketers think in terms of campaigns.
Great marketers think in terms of growth frameworks".
– Neil Patel

About me

As a B.Sc.– Level Educated Advertising and Marketing professional with ten years of experience on different industries and business verticals, also different countries and languages, I've became a Digital Marketing Specialist who wanted more than just one position at one company.

As a Digital Marketing freelancer I'm thrilled to be able to work with different clients and projects in a day to day basis. 

With an inside training expertise on Facebook and Instagram Ads and Google Ads certification, I'm more than prepared to provide services that will increase leads and revenue for any business vertical. 


Social Media Ads

Generate more site visits, purchases and leads through Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok ads.

Google Ads

Be on the first results of Google's search with pay-per-click model.


Power up your keyword presence and increase search visibility. 

Landing Pages

Create and optimize your landing pages to offer the best experience for your audience.

My goal as Digital Marketing Specialist is to:

  • Help clients improve their relationship with their audience and increase revenue with excellence.

  • Understand audience behaviours and pain points to deliver true value around every action.

  • Discover opportunities that make client's businesses grow smarter and faster optimizing investments x time to generate great results.


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Digital Marketing Specialist and Visual Artist
info@mariaqueiroga.com | (647) 678 2218