My life is too big for this page but, I will try to sum it up for you

My background culture is a miscellaneous and I'm truly grateful for that. Born in Brazil, from an Italian family, currently living in Canada. This mix of cultural experiences gives me something that I value a lot: empathy and respect for all cultures and backgrounds. 

I'm a naturally curious person. My curiosity to know more about the world sent me to places I never imagined, but were worthy of amazing experiences, like living in the US to study English. I was a dog sitter and could make money while taking care of the cutest dogs.

My professional experience follows the multi-cultural and multi-tasks personality as my spirit. My biggest experience in Canada is working as a visitor experience guide at Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto. What can I say, the years I worked there were amazing, I've learned things for life and met very interesting people. And this is something I take seriously: people and relationships.

Maybe I have a healthy addiction for creativity, that's how I can go from creating a brand identity to painting a large canvas in the same day. I believe creativity feeds from creativity in it's many ways and forms and I take it like a lifestyle.

Personally I love to travel and meet new people,  I'm very attached to my friends and family, my two cats, and last but not least my beautiful eighteen months old daughter. I will give you a peek of it in the photos below.


I could write more and more, but they say to keep it simple. So, please give me a call or email me if you want to know more or offer me a job (that sounds cheesy, but isn't true?) - smiling emoji

647 678 2218

If you prefer download my RESUME

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